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Seven By Seven was founded by designers Taodi and Bob of Objects and Ideas, to promote and sell their designs.

We are a small boutique online store specializing in limited, numbered edition luxury furniture and home products, all of which are designed by Objects and Ideas and made locally here in Canada.

As designers, it's a wonderful experience to see our designs manufactured here in Toronto. Working with local craftsmen and artisans, and seeing the designs take shape on the workshop floor is quite special.

Di Tao and Bob Dodd

Our Philosophy

We live in a mass-produced world of industrially made, near identical products. That's not a complaint, its fantastic to have good quality products at a convenient price, but it can also be hard to love them. At Seven By Seven we understand that, and we only make products that people want to be around, and take joy in owning. So we make products that we would want to buy ourselves, products that do live with us in our own homes.

So how do we choose what to design and build? We look for ideas and designs that we hope will be unique, timeless, and with an understated confidence. We discard many more designs than we make, designs that fail that final test: would we want to still own them in five or ten years time?

And that test is important as so many products lead short, unloved lives before ending in landfill. Well designed products, honestly made, from quality materials, outlast us all. They reduce waste simply by lasting longer. Loved and cherished products that people want to share with their friends are also good for the planet as well as for the pure joy of ownership.

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